One of the standout features of our system is the ability to label and scan all markers in frame simultaneously, whether on a web or mobile app. This functionality streamlines the installation process, allowing for rapid deployment and immediate feedback. By incorporating AR, workers can see a virtual overlay of the correct positions for various components, which drastically reduces the likelihood of mistakes and rework. The adaptability of this system to different stages of construction further enhances its utility and effectiveness.
Furthermore, this project includes a design stage plugin that integrates seamlessly with leading design software such as Revit and Tekla. This plugin automatically assigns unique IDs to each item and transfers Building Information Modeling (BIM) data to ecosystem. This integration allows for online comparison of the actual installation against the design, providing continuous supervision and updates throughout the project. The ease of use and versatility of this system make it an invaluable tool for modern construction projects, ensuring accuracy and efficiency from start to finish.

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