The use of a standard nodes album represents an alternative approach to creating design documentation for metal structures. This method involves using a pre-developed album of nodes, which significantly streamlines the design process. By automating connections in Tekla Structures using the nodes album, we ensured that all elements were assigned connections from the album, allowing for a consistent and efficient design workflow.
The standard approach to metal structures development typically includes calculating the structural scheme, determining element fixation forces, calculating the main nodes, and producing a graphical part that covers about 20-50% of the nodes. The remaining nodes require manual calculations. In contrast, using the nodes album, we could assign connections directly from the album to the elements, calculate non-standard nodes, and update the album accordingly. This method resulted in a complete graphical representation of all connections and provided a more predictable and uniform solution across all projects.
The advantages of using the nodes album include reduced time for coordinating missing nodes, consistent solutions for all projects, and the ability to pre-prepare production. However, it is most effective for large and relatively standard structures. Tools like Excel for node configuration, MathCAD for rapid calculation of numerous nodes, and IdeaStatica for complex node verification played crucial roles in this project, ensuring both efficiency and accuracy in the design and implementation process.

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