The manufacturing enterprise "Novotent," based in Naberezhnye Chelny, has been successfully supplying frame-tent structures for industrial, agricultural, and socio-cultural purposes to the Russian market for over twenty years. Thanks to meticulous attention to each production stage and mandatory quality certification, the company has secured a leading position in the industry and earned the trust of customers across the country. "Novotent" products are renowned not only for their strength and reliability but also for their adaptability to diverse climatic conditions.
One of the company's key activities is the design and construction of warehouses and hangars. "Novotent" offers prefabricated warehouse facilities and hangars at affordable prices, providing a full cycle from sales to installation of finished objects. The company's tent production allows for the quick and efficient resolution of construction tasks using modular frame-tent buildings. These structures are easy to erect and can withstand high climatic loads, including snow and wind gusts. Durable PVC tents with a double-sided lacquer coating ensure long service life and high resistance to atmospheric impacts.

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